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Manufacturers of machinery and materials for construction.

Focus our production in the manufacture of Scaffolding, Shoring, railing, formwork, etc ...

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We have a wide range of products for construction.
We emphasize our scaffolding standard model AF48 Europ..
Rolling Scaffold Towers hot galvanized, painted traditional scaffolding, formwork, shoring, safety and sealing work, accessories, accessories to the construction, ...

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Online Catalog in Portuguese

We offer our online product catalog for download in pdf version.

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A. Fontes Lda.
Estrada Nacinal 14 Km 7,2 - Lugar do Marco - Pinta
4475-045 Barca Maia
Tel: +351229489351
Fax: +351229410272
Email: afontes@afontes.pt

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Scaffolding AF.48 Europ.

Scaffold standard, hot galvanized with a set of accessories to assembly following the building's facade. With standard measures 2.50 (W) x 2.00 (H) x 0.78 (L) This model is most recommended for installation in high buildings.
Key components of this scaffold are:
- Scaffolding Element Europ AF48;
- Platform Hatches floors and stairs in aluminum;
- Platform AF48;
- Diagonal AF48 3.30 m
- Traverse AF48 2.50 m;

Detailed view of components AF48 Europ. | General catalog of products

Rolling scaffolding tower

Tower Rolling scaffolding standard, hot dip galvanized outriggers and casters appropriate support for assemblies in height.
With standard measures 2.50 (W) x 2.00 (H) x 1.40 (L) or 2.50 (W) x 2.00 (H) x 0.75 (L)
This model is most recommended for mounting on casters for mobile work inside or outside buildings.
Main components of the scaffold are:
- Element tower with ladder (1.40 m, 0.75 m);
- Stabilizers for tower;
- Set of 4 Casters for Tower;
- Platform Hatches floors and stairs in aluminum;

Detailed view of components Rolling scaffolding tower. | General catalog of products

Traditional Scaffolding Model L1

Traditional scaffolding Model L1, painted in yellow.
With standard measures 2.15 (W) x 2.00 (H) x 1.00 (L)
This model is recommended for small assemblies for temporary work at low altitude.
Key components of this scaffold are
- Scaffolding L1 element (2.00 m x 1.00 m);
- Half Scaffolding L1 element (1.00 m x x1, 00m);
- Painted or galvanized deck L40 (2.00 mx0, 40m);
- Set of 4 Casters for tower;
- Platform hatches floors and stairs in aluminum;

Detailed view of components Traditional Scaffolding Model L1. | General catalog of products


Steel formwork, and cardboard to create pillars, walls, among others.
Metal pillars with different dimensions for different configurations.
Formwork card with different diameters. granma.cu - Metal Pillars;
- Pillars Card;
- Beams Metal / Wood;
- Concreting platform;
- Wood Plywood Panel;
- Trik Panel;

Detailed view of components Formwork. | General catalog of products


Lacquered metal struts extensible.
Anchors with different dimensions and capacities need to adjust for each assembly.
Baskets transport according to the type of thrust to carry
- Thrust model E1 (0.90 to 1.60 m);
- Thrust model E2 (1.35 to 3.10 m);
- Enhanced Thrust (1.75 to 3.50 m);
- Enhanced Thrust (2.20 to 4.00 m);
- Upright galvanized brick;

Detailed view of components Thrust. | General catalog of products

Security and Sealing Work

Material and temporary security fence work. Safety barriers
lacquered or galvanized fence advised to work with standard interior space.
Panel Concrete based work.
- Barrier AF1 Lacquered (2.00 x 1.00 m);
- Barrier Galvanized AF1 (2.00 x 1.00 m);
- Barrier Lacquered AF2 (2.40 x 1, 10 m);
- Barrier Galvanized AF2 (2.40 x 1.10 m);
- Panel Work T4;

Detailed view of components Security and Sealing Work. | General catalog of products

Accessories for the construction

Accessories for construction.
material support to the work for security.
- Platform Balcony AF 1500Kg;
- Easels Metal painted;
- AF Guard Corps;
- Barrier protection listed 2.50 m;
- Platform Ditch;

Detailed view of components Accessories for the construction. | General catalog of products

General Catalogue

For the consultation of all the products displayed and others like:
-Construction Machinery;
download our General Catalogue

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